Transparency and Open Government
Public servants have an obligation to share what they know with the people who elect them. I'll do that. I'll ask the tough questions. I will strive to show all sides of any issue, and I'll hold people accountable. Over the years, I have served on various boards, and I have a proven track record of holding colleagues responsible for following the protocols in place to protect all people. I believe in open and transparent governing, which restores trust in public servants. I will listen to concerned citizens, and I will respond in a timely fashion, answering questions honestly, even when the facts are difficult.
A Record of Integrity

As early as 10 years old, I was passing out neighborhood flyers and volunteering at the food pantry on Muncie's south side. My mother and grandmother taught me what it was like to live a life of service. It meant to always be truthful and helpful. They taught me to have a servant's heart, to champion people and their causes and to build a sense of place and belonging along the way.  I have worked hard over the years to establish a solid reputation, based on honoring my commitments and delivering on my promises. I work to stay focused and intentionally surround myself with honest people. I commit to taking responsibility for my actions and treating others with respect and integrity.

Quality Housing

We need more housing inventory in Muncie. We need more choices across the city for people of various income levels to have safe and comfortable places to live through homeownership and responsible landlord practices. I'll work to stabilize at-risk neighborhoods and support projects that restore existing housing stock. I'll work with residents and encourage them to take active roles in preserving and improving their neighborhoods. I'll work with all members of City Council and with the new city administration to find solutions. I'll help identify community partners like Ball State University's Building Better Neighborhoods, Urban Light Community Development Corporation, and the Muncie Action Plan to develop meaningful and lasting relationships.

Infrastructure and Quality of Life

I'll increase the public discussion around solutions to our crumbling streets. I'll advocate budgeting that addresses and prioritizes our thoroughfares, which affect our image and quality of life. I'll seek alliances with officials and neighborhoods to address neglected and littered parts of town, particularly at the gateways to our city. I will help restore pride in this place we call home.

Economic Growth

I'll work with the partnerships across the city to continue the business growth momentum downtown, and to spread that energy across the city. I'll work to identify prospects and obstacles to overcome. New businesses in our city, whether they come through entrepreneurial start-ups or through attracting companies to come to Muncie, means an increase in jobs for our residents, more things for people to do, and more reasons to stay in Muncie.  Government must support the business community for the city to prosper.

Paid for by the Committee to Elect WaTasha Barnes Griffin.